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Pilates Wood and Leather Handles

Pilates Wood and Leather Handles

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Hand turned from locally sourced Australian hardwood. A unique tapered pattern for improved grip. Durable leather straps provide great feedback.  A versatile piece of equipment that can be paired with a range of apparatus. Fitted with with marine grade stainless steel components for increased longevity.



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Australian Hardwood

  • Premium Locally Sourced Leather
  • Metal Snap Hooks
  • Stainless Steel fittings


Love the feel & leathery smell of our new handles, so beautifully handcrafted in WA - Kelly Dawson

Beautiful new handles
for the arm chair and Ped-o-pul. Needless to say, these handles are the dream. Go Slo Studio

Our Clients are loving the new handles from E⁵sense. Some comments are they are sexy! They feel so comfortable when you hold them. - Vision Pilates

Your craftsmanship is incredible! - Jean Liew

The versatile handles from E⁵ense are beautifully crafted, light, balanced and offer sensational grip and feedback so that users feel stronger connections to apparatus - Proper Pilates

I ordered these beautiful handles for my studio but I think I'll keep them tucked away reserved
specially for my practice - Pilates Nerd Down Under

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