Apparatus That Inspires Practice

Handmade in Australia

Our Apparatus

Handmade in Australia, E⁵sense uses locally sourced materials that are expertly crafted to match practioner's needs.

Our Clients

Our Values

  • Consciously Crafted

    Handmade, each piece from E⁵sense is personal and unique. Inspired by the classical design developed by Joe Pilates, we aim for our work to reflect the passion and craftsmanship that Joe upheld through his designs.

  • Sourcing Local

    Our materials are sourced from Australia. We make a special effort to support local business and have built supportive networks in Perth, Western Australia.

  • Quality not quantity

    At E⁵sense, we're committed to making equipment that creates a lasting connection.

    We create apparatus that inspires practice.

  • Creating Community

    People are important! We feel that supporting a wholesome Australian Pilates community is really important. We like to build lasting connections with pilates students, teachers and practitioners across Australia.

Pilates Studio Feedback

  • Alex O Neil - Owner of AOK Keep Moving Physio, Pilates and Training

    Finding Jamie and E⁵sense has been such a big win for our small business.

    Having someone local making such high quality equipment has saved me literally thousands on shipping costs.

    Jamie's attention to detail is amazing. He sources the best locally made products and the care he takes in construction is clear.

    Our E⁵sense high-mat is the favourite mat option in the studio for a lot of our members. They love the extra feedback from the high density foam and the feel of the wooden handles.

    We 100% recommend any studio get in touch with Jamie for your equipment needs - he's our first call whenever we need something new!

  • Josette Wehbe - Owner of the Pilates Playground Studio

    I purchased a folding high mat from E⁵sense and I have to say it's my favourite equipment in my studio. The colour is so fresh and vibrant and the most important factor is that it is so comfortable to lie on when exercising and stretching. The craftmanship is amazing and the qaulity is outstanding as it is all hand made with locally sourced materials.

    I strongly recommend that each studio should have at least one high mat from e5sense. Shop and support from Australia. Thank you Jamie!

  • Wade Edwell

    The versatile handles from E⁵sense are beautifully crafted, light, balanced and offer sensational grip and feedback so that users feel stronger connections to apparatus.  

    We’re incredibly lucky to have someone making such high quality product in Australia from local supplies, and for a local market.  Don’t buy from overseas!  

    This is a wonderful option for Australians who are dedicated to getting the best from their Pilates work and want excellent feel and function from their equipment. 

  • Clare Gillet - Pilates Practitioner

    Jamie makes the most beautiful equipment. My mat is a perfect edition to my home studio.

  • Clare Cummins - Remedial Massage Therapist and Pilates Teacher

    The high mat has been a great addition to my Pilates practice. The high mat has the right level of firmness to offer great body feedback and challenge. The workmanship is fantastic, Jamie has a wonderfully eye for detail. Being able to get the high mat as foldable means an easy space saver when not in use. Great piece to start my Pilates equipment collection and will be ordering from Jamie and E⁵sense again.


  • Victoria MacLean

    With beautifully crafted handles at one end and foot strap at the other, it provides a fantastic base for learning and refining the Pilates Matwork exercises, both for those
    starting out with Pilates or those wanting to progress the advanced methods. If you didn't love your Matwork already, this should be enough to get you there. It is a stunning piece of equipment